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Munes sketched by the renowned artist Frederick Waugh in the woods 1914

A Mune photographed in the woods in 2016

"Your photos of the Munes are beautiful, inspiriting and inspiring."  Jeffrey Cramer, Curator of the Thoreau Institute, Walden Woods Project

Rise of the Munes is an approximate 60,000 word middle grade story that begins when twelve year old Ava and her little brother Noah are brought to an island off the coast of Maine when their father is hired by the lighthouse museum to research two unusual paintings of a girl. The colors in the paintings correspond to notes on a piano and Ava’s father hopes it might rekindle her daughter’s love of playing piano which ended the night her mother died in an accident. On the island, they meet a girl named Zig-Zag who invites them to stay over in her cottage where they come across an old children’s book full of pictures of Munes.   Zig-zag offers to bring them into the woods to look for the Munes before their boat leaves in the morning.  After being separated in the woods, Ava and Noah encounter the Munes of the Branch Kingdom and learn the prophecy of the girl of the violet color who will sound the light and restore the garden from the night.  But the Munes of the Root Kingdom will do everything they can to stop the children from reaching the stone tree where unless they restore the light all hope will be lost.
Coming soon 2017-2018!
Palo is a member of the SCBWI:
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators