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The celebration
on Monhegan Island, Maine, 1914
In 1914, the renowned artists Frederick Waugh and George Bellows organized an art show on the remote island of Monhegan, Maine.  It was part of celebration of the anniversary of Captain John Smith's arrival on the island 300 years earlier.  During the festivities, Bellows painted two portraits of a girl while his friend Frederick Waugh, a famous seascape painter, turned to the woods and was inspired by the gnarled ancient spruce trees.  Waugh devoted two years of his life drawing what he saw in the woods that day.  He published his drawings in a book called The Clan of Munes, but WWI broke out and almost all of the copies were destroyed - except for one - the one he gave to a girl in the portraits.

Nearly 100 years later, the bereft family of twelve year old girl and her younger brother go to the island when their father is hired to research two portraits of the same girl.  The paintings begin to reveal their secret when the children encounter the Munes.

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