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In 1914, the renowned marine painter Frederick Waugh walked into
the woods on Monhegan Island, Maine and discovered the Munes.
Over 100 years later they are rediscovered in the story
Rise of the Munes.

An adventurous story for all ages.

After the death of her mother, twelve-year-old Ava stumbles upon a mysterious cottage while taking pictures in Holdenwood.  It begins to reveal its secrets through a labyrinth of coincidences when her father is hired by a museum on the remote island of Monhegan in Maine.
Ava and her younger brother Noah meet a girl called Zig-Zag on the island.  There they find an old book full of drawings of tree creatures called Munes.  The kids hatch up a scheme to look for them in the woods but when they learn the Prophecy of the Trees - time may be up for the humans.  That is unless Ava and Noah can figure out the secret language in a mysterious painting left behind by the artist over 100 years ago.

Story and art exhibition coming soon!

A Mune photographed on Monhegan Island
The Stone Bridge Holdenwood

When Palo Santo is not attending a Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Convention,
or walking the trails of Holdenwood, he can be found flying a kite on Monhegan Island, Maine.

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