Waugh's Munes

Waugh's Drawings of Munes from 1914-1916:

The Wizard - Frederick Waugh

Frederick Waugh (1861-1940) was born in New Jersey. After studying in Europe and living on the remote Isle of Sark, he lived and painted in Montclair, NJ, Kent, CT and Provincetown, MA. He was one of the most renowned marine painters in the United States and Europe earning the nickname The Wizard.  His parents were also painters and his father,  a well known portrait artist in Philadelphia, painted a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  When Frederick moved back to the United States one of his paintings The Knight of the Holy Grail was included in a donation to found the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

While known for his paintings of the sea, he was inspired by the woods on Monhegan Island in Maine and completed large drawings and watercolors of the creatures he named "Munes."  He spent over 2 years working on this project even creating sculpted Munes from driftwood and sticks found on the island. His forgotten children's book called Clan of Munes was published in 1916.

Watercolors & drawings of Munes by Frederick Waugh:

More to come soon!

Make sure to see Ava and Noah's photographs of the Munes over 100 years later!

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